Monday, August 2, 2010

It´s been way too long...

... so I decided to write a little bit.

Don´t really know why I stopped writting. I liked doing it... but yet I quit doing so.
I´m actually in Cuenca - Ecuador right now, my home town. Came to visit the familia.

So many things have happened since I wrote last... the most important one has been losing dad back in December. He lost a battle against cancer. I was able to come to see him and be with him, it helped a lot. I talked to him and told him several things I haven´t said in a while and even things I never told him before. I went back to the States on a Sunday and the following Friday he passed. It was December 4th. It´s been pretty rough to come back knowing he won´t be here, but at the same time I feel him close, with me. It´s just different. It has been the first time I lose a parent and someone very close to me. Miss him.
Soon I will post somehting I wrote one night I spend with him at the hospital.

Anyway... life goes on.

Triathlons. So far I have done 2 Ironman races: Ironman Louisville, KY 2009 and Ironman St. George, UT this year in May. St George was freaking H A R D... so hilly... I mean SO SO HILLY! but finished it.

I also started doing (mountain biking )MTBing - a friend of mine let me use his old MTB and started hitting the trails. It was one of those things you go: "Why haven´t I done this before!?!?" It is so much fun, in my opinion it´s way better and more fun than road riding. So, classic PC move... I went and bought a MTB about a month ago and registered for my first off road triathlon: the XTERRA Lock 4 Blast in Gallatin, TN which I did on July 17th and I have to say, it has been one of my favorite tris so far, definitely one of my top 3. I definitely want to do more off road tris. I also did my first dirt crit MTB race a couple of weeks ago. To all those triathletes who read this (prolly 2...? LOL) TRY OFF ROAD TRIS, you will love it! :)

I am going to stop for now, I am on vacation and I should be resting and hanging out... lol
I am going to make an effort to write more here. Miss reading the people I follow too.

Thanks to those who still read and the ones who are having a first look at my blog.

Read you later!


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chaco said...

Sorry to hear about your father...
I like writing too...It's my way of coping every time I am down.. So great that you indulge in Triathlons and mountain biking...Enjoy your vacation...